About VS Revo Group

Who We Are

VS Revo Group Ltd. is an innovative software company founded in 2007 by two experienced computer programmers and engineers who have participated in the development and management of various software projects running on different platforms, but mainly on Microsoft Windows operating systems for desktop and mobile computers. Since our start up we are constantly expanding involving creative and experienced people hungry for knowledge and achievements in their field of work. Having such people in our team we are able to pave the way ahead for delivering quality software and services to our users.

Desktop computer

What We Do

Our engineers have strong knowledge in different software development techniques like COM, DCOM , DOM, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, SQL, ADO etc. Depending on the project we are working on we are using different development platforms like: C, C++, Java, Delphi, PHP, Javascript, HMTL, etc.

Quality assurance, testing and debugging are essential part of the development cycle of our projects in pursuit of our goal to deliver quality software and services to our customers.

Excellent customer support and customer satisfaction of our products are our top priority and always will be.